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As one would expect from a japanese sluts view, there is no rigid distinction between tokyoteens syntagmatic and paradigmatic considerations. Porn words in the paradigmatic class of sex nouns have to be sub-classified as countable or uncountable according to whether they may be preceded by words like many or words like much. Verb-words are sub-classified according to the type of 18Tokyo structure which may follow them. Transitive verbs may be followed by a noun, intransitive verbs may not.

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Ditransitive verbs may be followed by two tokyo teens nouns - sex objects. Some japanese verbs may be followed by either a noun or an adjective. As we shall see later in this chapter, the interaction of verb word and complement structure is also most complex.

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For many years linguistics was dominated by the needs of field linguists who, faced with the task of analysing unknown languages, attempted to set up a fairly rigorous set of procedures for working out or discovering the structure of the language they were investigating. In such a japanese porn situation the only evidence that the linguist himself could vouch for would be what he could record in his transcription. He could not trust an informant to provide him with any tokyoteens semantic insights and in any case, as we saw in the first chapter, he had con­siderable mistrust of semantic evidence whatever its source. The method he adopted was therefore formal. The analysis of sentence 18Tokyo structure would be largely a matter of recording the different number of elements that sentences could possibly contain and the sequence in which those elements occurred. Elements—morphemes, words, phrases—would be classed together if they could occupy the same positions in the structure of the sentence. Such an approach to lingu­istic description is sometimes called a `slot-and-filler' approach.

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The assignment of words to a particular class (part of speech) would be decided by whether it would fit into the appropriate slot in one or more test sentences. Although this approach developed to meet the needs of the linguist in the field, it came to be applied to the japanese sluts study of the better known languages too.' More recently linguists have been less occupied with how a linguist arrives at his analysis than with whether his analysis will successfully predict all the grammatical 18tokyo sentences of the language. The aim of this tokyo teens japanese sex approach is to work out a complete set of rules for the language, which, if followed in the given sequence, would produce all of the sentences that the native speaker would recognize as grammatical and none of those that he would believe were ungrammatical.

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If, in order to do this, the japanese sluts finds that it is necessary to categorize some constructions as tokyoteens. He does not attempt to relate his categorizations to particular porn movie places in particular sentences, but even though his criteria are not as directly explicit as they are for the field linguist, his categories are still in effect defined in 18tokyo terms of their structural function. A description of this type is a generative description.

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