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In traditional descriptions of the grammatical system there is usually a twofold division into morphology and syntax. Within morphology we find Tokyo Teens statements about the internal form of words—such matters as inflection for case, number or gender, tense forms, agreement, certain kinds of derivation and so on.

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Within syntax we find descriptions of the relations between 18Tokyo words, including, for example, those shown by word-order. For the linguist the distinction between morphology and syntax is largely artificial. Both have the function of demonstrating relationships between items in a sentence. A relationship which in one language is expressed syntactically may in another be expressed morphologically. For example, because of the relative inflexibility of word-order in English a noun preceding a verb is more or less certain to be functioning as the subject of that verb. Nothing in the form of the noun itself indicates that it is the subject. German on the other hand permits greater freedom in the choice of word-order. A noun preceding a verb is not necessarily the subject of that verb.

The relationship 'Subject of has to be marked in some other way, and 18 Tokyo uses for this purpose a morphological device a nominative case as part of a case system, which operates not in the noun itself but in the determiner which precedes the noun. The differences between languages are not necessarily as great as they may appear to be, since it is often the means by which Tokyo Teens relations are expressed rather than the relations themselves which differ.